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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Big Ba-da-boom?

Ah, Starslip Crisis. How can you not love the noseless denezins of Kristofer Straub's strange worlds. I was lucky enough to really discover Checkerboard Nightmare just as he decided to wrap that all up and start Crisis, so I've been watching from the earliest stages. The speed at which he developed a book was amazing, I'll have to get some money together some day.

I was pointed to The Webcomicker who has a theory that the recent storyline will bring together all the odd elements that have been shown previously in Starslip Crisis and create some huge event, possibly in time for the first anniversary of the strip (Geez, has it only been a year!?).

I find myself agreeing with what Simon Roberts says here. I never conciously thought about the formula that seemed to happen in Straub's strips before, but it was something that had tingled in my head. I've often felt that Straub races through some of his ideas and it can be a little dissapointing to realise that what one might have been really excited over is rapidly vanishing into the archives. However, the flip side of that is when you get arcs that don't grab your attention one can be sure that the status quo will probably return soon.

That said, I think continuity would be a very good thing for Crisis. I recall Straub saying something about the weight of continuity becoming a burden to Chex, and that is clear. Chex wasn't able to be a critique and parody of outside events as much because there was too much internal baggage to sort through. But Crisis seems to be aimed at creating a world and part of that is allowing change to work through.

So, while I haven't seen much that really says big shake up to me (although this is interesting...) I hope I'm wrong. Let's watch.


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