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Friday, April 14, 2006

Bigger Than Cheeses takes on the big boys

Bigger Than Cheeses is a very... Over the top webcomic. It suffers from an update schedule that doesn't feel very regular (though the seven part series on superman vs Batman (Here's a hint. Gadets don't beat being a crazy alien) makes up for it somewhat). But the level of violence can be traumatic (even when offstage). In this, and its large breasted females, it reminds me somewhat of the Perry Bible Fellowship. PBF is certainly the more family friendly strip though.

Anyway, I bring it up to mention Neil Gaiman. Do you know Gneil? If not, then you need to just go and get a copy of American Gods or Smoke and Mirrors and come back when you're done. Actually, given the subject matter, read The Sandman while you're at it to avoid the spoilers in the comic.

Everyone up to date? Good.

In my opinion Gneil is one of the best storytellers that is living today. I am sure that the upcoming Henson film Mirrormask will be just as good as Labyrinth or The Dark Crystal and the movie of Stardust is probably going to be good too. Don't take my word for it, Stephen King says we 'are lucky to have him' and calls him 'a trove of story.'

Therefore, when someone takes his materpiece (the piece of art that an artist creates to end his apprenticeship and prove that he is truly a master of the craft), Sandman, and skewers it in four panels (not even four panels! It's really only two because one's a title card and the other is a joke on Gneil!) I have to say, that person is either a comic genius or an uncouth nerfherder.

I say genius.


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