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Friday, April 14, 2006

A collection that'd be worth it.

Of the political cartoons I read online, one of the most abrasive is Ted Rall. I mean that in a complimentary way, though it might not seem so. Rall manages to find absurdities in any situation and isn't afraid of tackling issues that most would deem outside the target range (he made fun of widows from 9/11 and Pat Tillman, a man who volunteered to go to Afghanistanand was killed by friendly fire). He is quite comfortable depicting George W. Bush as a bestubbled milatary dictator with violence and stupidity reigning supreme. Alternatively, he absolutely thought every single newspaper in the world should have reprinted the Muhammad Cartoons in support of free speech.

This isn't really about him.

Rall appears to want to encourage others to write cartoons and has put himself behind two collections of cartoonists material under the heading Attitude. The first two were about political cartoons, drawing that pushed the boundaries. I knew a few of those artists.

But this post is about the new collection. It is specifically about webcomics. The artists found in Attitude 3 are all based online, trying to make use of the interconnectivity that comes from its creation. While some of the other cartoonists had online presences (some of them primarily) this is the first collection that focuses on that.

Of the 21 features artists, I have read:
Mark Fiore: "Fiore Animated Cartoons"
These short animations can be very funny, but I don't read them very often unfortunately.

Dorothy Gambrell : "Cat and Girl"
These are very surreal and witty comics. Not usually gut laghter but lots of smirking.

Nicholas Gurewitch: "The Perry Bible Fellowship"
One of the most outstanding comics I've read in a long time. Surreal, slightly morbid and obscene, but in a family friendly way. Can be simple gags or complex jokes. Probably partially repsonsible for my half broken sense of humour.

Ryan North: "Daily Dinosaur Comics"
I don't read these that often actually, but the concept is brilliant. Its exactly the same artwork every day but the text changes. It's incredible how much character can be found in that process. Oh, and everyone is dinosaurs.

August J. Pollak: "XQUZYPHYR & Overboard"
I actually only ever read one of these. But it was funny.

D.C. Simpson: "I Drew This"
A weekly politcal cartoon that makes me laugh a lot.

Richard Stevens: "Diesel Sweeties"
Very odd but stylish. Can be gags or clever too.


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