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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I may be slow, but I get there.

Today I realised that I could actually read what Haley is saying in Order of the Stick. I had foolishly believed that it really was just gobbledygook coming out of her mouth, frustrating as it was for her.

But we see her mind, telling herself to say 'Elan, I'm in love with you' and then the gobbledy matches the punctuation. Too much coincidence, I realsie, and begin the conversion.

'Elan, I'm in love with you' becomes
'Yrhw, N'u nw rdjy mnck vdg.'

So we have a key.

But unravelling the rest of her words is turning out much trickier than I had hoped, and I only have so much time to spend on it. So, I ask if I'm just abysmally slow and everyone else already knew this? Because then you can all supply me with a key or translations. Alternatively, can anyone help fill in this key:

a - h
b - a
c - l
d - e
e - y
f -
g - p
h - k
i - n
j -
k - t
l - r
m - u
n - w
o - d
p - z
q -
r - f
s - b
t - c
u - g
v - j
w - m
x - q
y - v
z -

Which leaves 'i, o, s & x' unassigned to 'f, j, q & z.'

So the strip reads:
Elan, I'm in love with you.
Elan, I'm in love with you. Completely in love.
Love, love, love, love!
My dad is being held ransom by an evil dictator.
I'm not really in the Thieves' Guild anymore.
I cheat at Solitaire.
I kissed a girl once.
Ok, Ok, more than once.
Elan, it turns out I may not be exactly what you would call-


At 8:36 AM, Blogger Jack Roy said...

Sweet! I got a little bit done myself, but I didn't get it all. Thanks for filling in the (funnier) gaps!

At 12:26 PM, Blogger The Kea said...

So, was this the first hint that it was translatable? Or had you been trying for awhile?

Know anyone who has the time to go through the archives?

At 8:16 AM, Anonymous Trevor Miller said...

Thanks, I was also able to get a little done myself, too... After learning that I could, I decided to save the tough work for Google. Let us know if anyone with reams of spare time does go through the archives, eh?


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