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Friday, April 21, 2006

Man, that's a lot of words to say nothing much about movie comics...

I started this blog in direct response to Fleen's call for fresh writers. I figured it would be safer to write somewhere where I didn't 'technically' have to write something new every single day. The flip side of that is that I am challenging myself to bring something new each day.

Which meant I was reading through a lot of comics today and laughing and in the back of my head wondering what on earth I should write about. And then I read that Comixpedia's next theme will be movies. I hope this doesn't seem like some sort of obscure new-media thought theft, but I had a few things to say about movies and comics. In case you think it is, go and read how real commentators discuss this stuff. And check out the list of movie-themed comics, I like them so far.

Anyway,I was wondering about the reverse. That is, how about making movies based on webcomics? I know there exist certain... hybrid versions, but these have to be short enough to download and are generally of a less than professional veneer. I hear about other experiements with animation, even so far as some becoming TV shows. This seems very much like Newspaper Comics in a way to me.

We have all seen that newspaper comics can result in more and more types of media being used to spread the comic-y goodness. Witness Garfield's TV shows, TV specials and even an eventual live-action movie. Of course, in my opinion, Live action kind of removes the point and such versions of comics tend to the poor (with certain exceptions).

And I wonder. Because here in New Zealand we had the very, very popular cartoon Footrot Flats, which doesn't seem to exist in any online archived form. this is a shame. It was a simple long running newspaper comic but it got it's own movie in the mid eighties and the movie is a classic of New Zealand film (heck, it had a theme park for awhile, but that went bust. One of my fondest childhood memories was going along with a family friend and tearing it all down for a bonfire.).

So, what is the difference that allowed us to do that in our country with the population of a small city while much larger markets don't? And with the way webcomics can spread out beyond certain regional restrictions, isn't there the chance that they could grow large enough to do it too?


You know, I just realised that there are now two movies where Ben Affleck convinces a lesbian to sleep with him anyway, Chasing Amy and Gigli. Something about that seems very, very wrong.


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