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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thank goodness that rabbit is make-believe. And no-one better try to prove me wrong.

Apparently my commenting on Chopping Blocks style of humour was particularly well/mis-timed. A clearly troubled man did something awful and it is noted that he read webcomics. All I can say is, whoops.

So, let's move on to slightly fuzzier though no less rabid topics. Sam and Max.

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I see a large swathe of a particular demographic being represented in Webcomic subject matter. That demographic responds well to fantasy and science fiction, and is at home with computer gaming. Therefore, I was surprised not to see many people cheering at the discovery of a Sam and Max webcomic.

The Sam and Max game, Freelance Police, provided me with hours of fun as a young lad. The absolutely ludicrous plot. The surreal characters. Oh, the joy. And it was based on a comic back then. So to see Sam and Max literally rise from the grave to take their place in the new media was a wonderful thing.

Steve Purcell has done something interesting with the medium. It's not amazing and seems to make my poor little dial-up connection faint, but it is interesting. The dialogue to each panel appears only when you move the mouse over it. So you get a clear view of all the artwork and then activate the nosies as you are ready. They even appear in order, staggered one after the other, so that you almost see it happening in front of you.

So far we have seen an earwig lay eggs and leave a cellphone in a Dog Dectective's ear and a wierd hallucination. The only problem is not knowing exactly when it updates. It seems to be going for a roughly monthly schedule. I guess I can't complain about not getting enough free entertainment, but I really want to.


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