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Monday, April 17, 2006

Webcomics as blogs

I have seen a few places where people wonder why they keep reading particular webcomics. The one that is often cited is Greg Dean's Real Life. I can understand what they mean. Real Life is amusing and friendly but not one of the most hilarious webcomics out there. I really enjoy finding strange and surreal, laughter-inducing comics; I want to roar with laughter in my study and scare the wife. So why do I keep reading Real Life even though my connection is slow and Dean sometimes fails to update regularly?

It's the same reason I keep reading all my friends journals on LiveJournal. Although we may not share some interests or we may have differing opinions on various issues, they are my friends and it's nice to keep up to date with them. So it is with Real Life. I see the comic almost more as a blog or journal, highlighting the amusing moments out of Dean's life and showing them to his friends. And I like Dean so I keep reading.

This is something that I've seen in a few comics. Most of the time they don't interest me, because it's not what I'm looking for. That's what I see Something Positive as which is why I tend to only read it when someone points me to a particular strip for some reason. However, Home on the Strange works on a similar level but seems more interesting to me. More like a group of people who I might actually be friends with.


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