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Friday, April 28, 2006

Welcome to the Third World. Yorkshire.

When that lovely lady in charge of programming over at Medium Large announced that Brit week was beginning, I wasn't paying much attention. I was laughing at Mr Blobby and the way Teenage Girl Prime Minister's were dressed in drag. As The Family Guy knows, all British men find Drag hilarious and probably indulge whenever possible.

But then it sunk in to my shallow mind that the entire week was Brit focused. Andy Cap, Mods and Rockers, the inevitable conflict of superheroism and class stratification. The whole week should show up at this link later. I checked the blog part of the website but I couldn't find any reason for the theme, such as a recent holiday or something. Ah well.

While this sort of a theme was amusing and created a different emphasis for the usual pop culture skwering of Medium Large, it was the comments that really tickled my fancy. If you don't understand why the advisors were dressed in Drag than you will never know.

I think many of the simpler one-shot strips could use ideas like this. Taking a theme and creating a slew of jokes centred on it. You could even time them together and have everyone laughing about the way Hummingbirds don't hum all around the world.


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