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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Yes, I love books.

Guest strips are a fun way to see how others look at a comic. The recent guest strips at Joe and Monkey showed me a strip where humour came from a really odd combination of unrelated punchlines and stupid behaviour. Just my kind of thing. I followed over there from Kris Straub and now I stay.

But the recent guest strips on PVP have shown me something else. I recognised the work of Multiplex's McAlpin and thought it was cool to see his take on the staff of PVP, even if it came down to a fart gag in the end (and isn't Kurtz encouraging that genre splendidly?). Interestingly, Kurtz also pointed out something I had missed over at Multiplex. McAlpin also does a more relaxed comic thing called Stripped Books. As someone who loves reading, this is cool. Especially his illustrated version of Neil Gaiman's Nebula awards speech.

I'm not sure, but in my opinion, people who love movies enough to follow the adventures of a group of people who work in a cinema will probably love stories enough to follow a series of literature related comics too. So why is there no obvious link on the front page of Multiplex? Or am I just blind?

Then we have today's guest spot, from Paul Southworth who does a strip called Ugly Hill. I have just recently added Ugly Hill as something to keep an eye on, so you can see that I'm not familiar with it. However, apparantly Southworth's idea of humour is so wonderful that he can turn Skull and Brent into Stimpy and Ren quite convincingly, pull off a really wierd fart joke and draw in a way that supports both (and go along with that whole fart gag thing Kurtz has been encouraging...). This encourages me to pay attention to Ugly Hill.


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