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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Back in the Summer of '06

Okay, it's everywhere in the webcomic world (well... more than one place at once and, for purposes of this little talk, that'll do). The Oozinator.

I'm curious if this toy exists outside the US? I know there must be plenty of webcomics that exist outside those borders (generally Canadian it seems, where it is still summer...) but I'm not sure if any of them have taken up the 'yay, inappropriate toy' thing yet.

Disclaimer: It is funny and weird and entirely appropriate to be joking about.

But the whole thing makes me very aware of how close most of the webcomic creators I really like seem to be. Most of the Ooze jokes are mentioning the idea of Summer and really looking forward to playing in the warmth with these new terrible toys. It's summer time and it feels good.

And here I sit under a blanket in my warmest clothes with a fire blazing because the cold is settling into the house.

Webcomics should be international, but I'm not seeing anything from outside the northern hemisphere at the moment. I'm not seeing stuff that shows differences to the standard US style of life (unless its drastically different, i.e. Sci-Fi).

This is all my own fault really. I've been trawling US comics for rec's and they have recced comics they know. So this is a call for everyone to point me out some very different country set comics.

Antartica is close but doesn't quite count...


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