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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Γνώθι Σεαυτόν

Ahh, doesn't it feel good to see that something you've decided to try and put some effort into is still denigrated by a section of people?

It's the same old story. Some people watching the LJ Feed for the Perry Bible Fellowship got confused by this recent strip. I for one agree, it's a little harder to follow than usual, unless you make the connection between the shape of the volcano and the drawing of the house. But even then you have to realise that the clown being in front of the red house could be seen as being inside the red volcano. I don't naturally see that version of the picture, I just see the smoking hill and the clown man.

Anyway, there was a discussion about what the cartoon meant. It goes back and forwards and people get annoyed at each other. Such is discussion on the internet. But then someone says "It's just kinda combining the two last if there was a second volcano seen in the distance of the last panel, and a big square red lava hole, then it'd click like that. This just necessitates too much concession in my opinion.

But hell, here I am critiquing about internet comics on the internet.

Not only did the enunciate why it didn't quite mesh into a conclusion that makes me laugh, but they did it simply and precisely. And then they make a comment that implies that they shouldn't be worrying about such trivial things.

It makes me so frustrated. Yes, webcomics are trivial. They are pictures that I get from my fancy machine that make me laugh. But geez, is it too much to ask that people be willing to think a little? Sure, it's fun to just watch TV or listen to music for fun. But can you understand why it's fun? Or, more particularly, when it's not WHY it's not?

It's self knowledge really and even the Oracle at Delphi knew that was important.


At 6:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dunno about that... seemed pretty straightforward to me.


At 5:19 PM, Blogger The Kea said...

It's straightforward if you see the drawing and can see how it looks like the clown is in the house. To me (and many others) it didn't look like he was in it but rather in front of it.

Of course, we are used to different pictorial styles...


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