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Friday, May 05, 2006

Dead Comcis: Zombie Jesus

Something I find sad about the internet is the way the past gets frozen in place as time moves forward. There are pages out there that were once updated regularly, interacting with their viewers, but somehow real life took over. As it always does. My wife still tells me off for not going out with our real life friends as much as I spend intereacting with online (thus false) friends. Anyway, I have found many webcomics that must have once been thriving, funny, clever comics but have fallen by the wayside. The way they sit, endlessly paused a few days before a never coming update is terribly poignant. Or something.

The first example I'll give today is the Living Tales of Zombie Jesus.

Zombie Jesus is really a self explanatory concept. We are all familiar with tales of the dead coming back to life, only most of us realise that it is more appropriate to run in terror than to poke our fingers through their wounds. Zombie Jesus is uttered on at least one episode of Futurama and I have seen other writers independently come up with the concept.

What makes the Living tales so special is the down to earth/modern take on the relationship between ZJ and his disciples. It's easy to picture this as almost any crowd of twenty-somethings confronted by an old friend as a zombie. Which allows the subtle nods to the 'actual' story to get us grinning.

It's been about two years since Zombie Jesus died. Hopefully one day it will rise again. Unfortunately it looks like the archives are dying too. That's a shame, we'll lose a very clever comic there and you won't even be able to revisit it in memorium.


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