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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Or should we just sit in our 'Free Katie' T-shirts?

Given the plentiful oppourtunities Tom Cruise provides for joke making it was interesting to see two rather different takes on the opening weekend take of Mission Impossible III. While I largely agree with Brazelton's 'Keep the Crazy away' take on things, I have to admit that McAlpin has a good point.

It's something that comes up again and again and really will never be resolved. How much of the artist's personal life do you take into account? When I find Tom Cruise plastered all over the media around me, which I find annoying even when he's being nice like changing a tire for a family while filming the Last Samuri here in New Zealand, I want to punish him. By not going to see his movies hopefully the media will stop shoving him in my face so much. But Last Samuri and Minority Report were movies I enjoyed. Shouldn't I have kept away from them too?

Also, there's other actors in M:I.III that I want to reward, such as Phillip Seymour Hoffamn. But I don't know anything about his personal life. What if he's worse than Tom Cruise? Or is it just the intrusion that I want to punish?

Here in New Zealand there is an art collective known as et al that has represented the country in art shows. One of the things that has created controversy is that they simply refuse to be identified or do interviews. The art stands by itself and there is nothing to fall back on or hint at its purpose.

Obviously most comics aren't so esoteric as all this. In fact, most of them make a show of the creator's personality and regularly talk about their work to their readers. So, should we or should we not encourage this sort of thing? If we do, isn't it fair that Cruise's couch jumping influence my decision to see a movie? Or is the title the best option (someone remind to fix that link we needed).

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