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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

This is the catch-up post.

Well, it had to happen. After roughly three weeks of getting in an update every day I missed yesterday. In my defence, I'm having serious trouble getting my crappy rural dial-up to hang in there (I don't even know that this post is going to work). Hopefully it won't happen again. what made it particularly frustrating was the fact I was unable to even see most of the comics I wanted to.


I was beginning to wonder if I'd missed the introduction of the new writers for Fleen. Surely the gap between the competition, with it's very interesting entries, and a new writer was beginning to become noticable (At least in Interweb time, where a week is forever)? But over the last couple of days Gary introduced us to Sommer and Alison. I'm looking forward to reading some more stuff on Fleen, and trying to guess which Contestant they were.

Welcome Girls!


Over at Comixpedia Krishna mentioned feeling like there was less interaction between comics nowadays. It may just be nostalgia for those giddy days of the internet oh so many years ago, but he has a point. One of the fun things about the medium is the way artists can mix and match a little. It's what made things like Queen of Wands ending, Something Positive's twisting that and Checkerboard Nightmare riffing off that so much fun to watch.

Because of the way an artist can change the comic he plans to upload (thus bypassing any queue he has set up to ensure updates) he doesn't have the same problem as a newspaper artist trying to comment on current events (even if they are webcomic related). Although two newspaper artists recently co-ordinated nicely to produce the following crossover (follow the 'Get Fuzzy' tag).

Funnnily enough, about a week before hand The Webcomicker had a link to this very classy little website: The Webcomic Crossover and Cameo Archive.

This has to be easiest way to keep track of clever uses of other characters. Although it really does emphasise another point I saw made recently: there are more interesting webcomics out there than anyone can ever possibly write about.


Speaking of Fleen and the Webcomicker, gilead has started his very own static art comic called Birdsworth. Because of the troubles with my connection I haven't looked at it yet sorry, but please have a look.

One of the reasons I didn't go after signing up for Fleen was because I have a notebook full of skeches and comic scripts. I have no equipment to get it online, so you won't have to suffer it yet, but Fleen's requirement for its contributors to not be comic creators made me keep a distance. I want that option available in the off chance I ever manage to get some gear to put my ideas online.


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