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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Actually, screw the Hot wheels, I'll stay...

I haven't been reading shortpacked for long, but it has been fun so far. Some really strange characters that somehow still manage to seem like people I know.

The last two strips have been surprisingly disturbing. The concept of someone deciding that his toystore requires a heir and trying to force someone to impregnate his fairly good looking daughter is just twisted. And I'm saying that as someone who loves Edible Dirt and Wulfmorganthaler.

Apprantly this was going to be the way the artist started this strip. Which, woah.

Taking the time to build up characters and understandings (and probably running gags) would certainly help a concept as off-kilter as this. If readers didn't have some idea who everybody was, then what would stop them saying 'these people are crazy, and not in that cool-I-like-it-cause-it-makes-me-laugh way' and moving on?

Nervously looking forward to what comes next...

Oh god, that's not a pun either.


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