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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Finally, I can be a part of the drama!

Can everyone say shitstorm?

It seems obvious that the best way to get a response (and what a response!) is to say something controversial. But it does seem a little strange that a statement decrying rape would come across as controversial.

I had nver read Girly before this. So I clicked on each link that Kate provided. And you know what?

It looked like rape to me too.

Now, Girly looks like a fun comic. I've added it to my lists. But it seemed in those first couple of strips that someone had been raped and left naked in the streets and that this had been done many times before.

In the comments mention is made of a superhero that was able to do this to people as way, make them want to even if it was a bad idea. The principple can raise a lot of questions about responsibiliy and culpability. But what it looked like was someone using some power over another to get something he wanted.

Where I differ from Kate is that I think there is nothing wrong with making jokes about the subject. In that, I don't think I'd want to hear them, but making fun of a thing is about reducing its power, isn't it? That's why making fun of victims is hollow and tasteless.

The creator comments that it is beyond him to see such an interpretation. I do find that a little hard to beleive.


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