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Friday, June 30, 2006

"No cartoonists are gods. Bill Waterson, maybe. Gary Larson, maybe. Ruben Bolling… definitely."

Amoung the many webcomicer interviews that can be found around the place, I thought it was interesting to see one from Ted Rall.

Rall is controversial and timely but his cartoons have an aesthetic that is very rough. He's said that he works hard to get just the look he's after, and I believe him, but it's not something that you look at and immediately think 'woah, brilliant.'

Usually I'd expect an interview with him to veer into the maelstrom of politics but this one is actually less about how he thinks countries/societies should work and more about himself and the comics world.

It is interesting that he isn't particularly impressed with some of the names that appear to have respectability. Perhaps that's why he was willing to do three compilations of lesser known comics and even devoting the third one to internet artists and not worrrying about politics as he did with the first two.


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