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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Walking around, listening to the birds.

A few days back, Mr Pellaeon made an animated short of his static-art comic Birdsworth Comics. Unfortunately I still haven't made time to go and read that comic... I feel guilty...

The talkie doesn't load properly for me. I would blame my increasingly annoying computer for this, but I managed to see the jaw-droppingly expensive recent blamimation from PVP with no troubles. I don't think I saw a loading screen on the Birdworth one, something that might make a difference in the future.

As I was typing I jumped because voices started talking to me. The comic loaded up segments and did them and then stopped to keep loading. A loading screen to buffer that sort of effect would be good.

I mananged to get a glimpse of the animation style taken and I liked it. It was still static but the movement made sense and wasn't too confusing.

However, the point of this entry isn't about Birdsworth Comics really.

Pelleaon mentions that he would like to put the animation (and any future ones) onto Clickwheel so that they can become vodcasts. As I'm sure you can imagine, with my lesser connection and the complete lack of iPod online services in New Zealand, I don't know much about this. But it seems like a much cooler idea than simplky having the day's comics on one's iPod. I imagine they would seem small and squashed, or I'd have to pan around them somehow, and generally not as much fun as reading them online or in a book.

But little short animations for one's iPod? That sounds clever.


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