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Friday, June 09, 2006

When will someone contact me and tell me I'm wonderful?

Grrr, Blogger, making me wait around to post today...

I few days back we acknowledged the truly evil date that had arisen. We had a few laughs and worried about the people who seemed to take it all too seriously (that includes marketing campaigns and release/commencement dates that co-incided with the date).

But there was other news that is the sort of thing that we really should be taking notice of.

A webcomic artist has an agent.

It may not be the first time. I'll not pretend to be as up with the really intricate and wide-ranging examples in the field. But it's got to be an important thing to acknowledge.

I don't read Digger because I don't have the means to constantly check a site like Graphic Smash in order to catch the one day at a time along with all the other sites I monitor. But the pay format implies to me that Vernon must be used to working to deadline and following schedule and all those other 'drawbacks' that come with having 'legitimate' projects on the go rather than 'hobby'ing it out on teh intarwebs.

An agent means recognition in a tangible world of print media. That implies a belief in potential profits to be made (and talent. But while you might watch talent, you snap up a chance to make money).

I know the webcomics world already makes its own books and merchadise. I know some of them are working with various ways to get regular print versions out (and some came back the other way). But I'm fairly sure none of them have agents out, hopefully setting things up to push the artist out into a wider world.

I think it sounds like a step up in the general recognition of webcomcis in the 'real world.'


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