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The Kea is a well known, cheeky, mountain parrot from New Zealand. What better name to take for myself to comment on the funny drawings I find online?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Apologies and two that made me chuckle today.

Zach Miller kindly pointed out that my single issue with the recent kidnapping storyline was a mistake. Way back here the same newspaper headline is visible. Chronologically it seems close (not long after they arrive at the playground the kidnapping takes place (although it put them in a perfect place for such an event to happen, now I come to think of it)) but it's quite a few comics distant which is good. If you actually read the comic closely like I obviously didn't then the strips in between serve to put that information into the back of your head, maybe leaving you with a slight concern. Exactly what I was trying to say I wanted yesterday.


Now that's a beautiful guest comic. I must take a good look at Silent Kimbly soon.


Asterix as a Roman toady? Where do you creators get your wonderful ideas?


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