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The Kea is a well known, cheeky, mountain parrot from New Zealand. What better name to take for myself to comment on the funny drawings I find online?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Appropriately, he eats blowfish last.

So, now we see the end of Moresukine.

It was an interesting livejournal/comic project to watch, though it suffered from somehow not showing up on some friendslists. That was a pain.

However the art and the concept were brilliant and made for one of the most interesting travelogues that one could hope to read. It delved into strange corners that most people passing through might never have found.

It reminded me somewhat of Azrael and his Gaijin ELT blog. Neither searches for humour but just the little differences that show up.

Someone asks him to do a new project in Cambodia. I'd liek to see anyone doing this project again, anywhere they are not at home. Let me know if you find one.


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