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Thursday, July 13, 2006

But if Twin-Linked means two barrels, and I hit, why does it only cause one wound!?

Turn Signals on a Land Raider is a rare thing. A webcomic about Warhammer, the table-top wargame by Games Workshop. I say it is rare because, although there have been various comics that address the games, they tend to fall by the wayside, unfortunately.

Obviously it shares attributes with other physical (as opposed to digital) gamer comics, such as Dork Tower, but I think the closest resemblence would be Order of the Stick. Like OotS, TSoaL features characters who are very much aware of there place in a game and will refer to rules as part of their battles. Unlike the OotS, the characters aren't existing in the Warhammer universe with an awareness of how it works but are actually the miniatures used in the games. We see them being painted and handled regularly.

Most of the time I find the humour is very much directed at those who already understand and probably wouldn't transfer so well to 'outsiders' but since Dawn of War came out maybe that understanding's spreading a little.

Anyway, today they make the best sort of Monty Python tribute gag, the obscure type that fits so well with the characters that you wonder just how long the set-up was planned. Those soldiers are part of units called the pointy sticks you see...

While looking for some other examples of wargaming comics I found a few others I might keep on the reading lists. I'll mention them if there's a particular reason later...


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