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Friday, July 07, 2006

If only he'd stop using that cursed slang.

And so it would appear that that bloke over at The Webcomicker really seems to have some sort of Starslip mind, able to see what's going on in that scifi museum warship at early, early stages.

He thought storylines would slowly begin to come together (though from Straub's comment I think others will move apart and new ones will arrive to keep the varied suspense) and here they do. One of the more disconnected storylines has begun to twine with a charcter who did have a direct contact with the Fuseli.

One of the things I'm not clear on is when this meeting is happening. Afte rthe time police stuff and the Starslip Crisis, I'm wondering if this is something earlier than the meeting, later, or simply a totally different universe where the Fuseli never came by.

It'll make for interesting developments.


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