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The Kea is a well known, cheeky, mountain parrot from New Zealand. What better name to take for myself to comment on the funny drawings I find online?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

So, what do we call that, Earth Opera?

Still not a lot to say. I'm going through the back numbers of Radioactive Panda. (because I don't usually) due to his recent announcement. Johnson is going to be wrapping up RP roughly around the beginning of next year. I felt sad as I read that, because RP looks cool and has been really funny so far.

But then he goes on to explain that he is going to start a new project, with defined beginning, middle and end, that appears to be some form of subterranean space opera.

Apparantly he started RP to practice drawing. I must say, he's gotten good, IMO. Though he started off better than I would have.

All I can do now is salivate and wait.


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