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Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Comparison

So, apaprantly there's some new game that involves zombies? Or something like that? Frankly, it's not important. What is important is that both Penny Arcade and Ctrl-Alt-Del appear to be making jokes in reference to it.

At first I thought they'd both just decided to go on Zombie benders, like you do, but then I actually realised what Gabe was saying in the Penny Arcade comic and the Ctrl-Alt-Del suddenly made more sense. Yes, that means I totally accept a comic which devotes a period of time to an injured friend of the main character and his attitudes and reactions to potential dates and then simply changes to watching some zombies go shopping. Nothing strange or abrubdt (... how the hell do you spell that word?) there, no.

Anyway, I just like the way it's been done from the two comics. Penny Arcade has given us the oppourtunity to see a popular recurring character in a fresh light. Suddenly his anger seems a little more based on history. And, frankly, don't you just know you're going to ask Mabel to dance next time you manage to get your clammy little fingers around the handle of some sort of firarm? Pop guns and Oozinators are acceptable. The comic almost doesn't need the beginning bit with Gabe and Tycho trying to fend off zombies by hurling cellphones. Though it does get a little Alanis Morrisette gag in there. Obviously they've used that to provide a little setting and context, but I would have totally gotten just the final panel with a Daed Rising display in the window behind Frank.

Ctrl-Alt-Del have started a little storyline with its version of events and I particularly love the way its coming from the zombie perspective. It reminds me of the sort of humour Shaun of the Dead came with, seeing the normal things that get shaken up, but never quite vanish, in the middle of a plague of the walking dead. So a zombie flicking through a catalogue while his friend gets bored is such a true telling of mall shopping that a chainsaw is really the only plausible next step. And then, who doesn't love making fun of the speed of zombies? You could run up, smack them in the half-flesh face and run away again without risking anything worse than dead skin coming off onto your palm. I hope the story has a couple more in it because I'm liking it.

Anyone seen any other Dead Rising, zombie/mall comics?


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