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Sunday, April 15, 2007

I knew this had to be coming since I saw the Guitar Hero and SingStar plugins.

Here in New Zealand we sometimes find ourselves lagging behind the rest of the world. Things don't make it down to us until the hype has already faded in internet conversation. Well, there are some exceptions, movies such as Children of Men and Black Sheep were visible here before the States, so that helps.

What that means is that this christmas, as I was looking for something to act as a consolatory balm, I decided to get the Guitar Hero game for the PS2. Yes, everyone else has loved it for ages, but even my more with it friends had only picked it up about a month earlier.

That game is wonderful, my mates and I refer to it as SingStar for guys. I spent many hours buttoning away to the mighty strains of DethKlok and the Trogdor theme song.

Anyway, this is meant to be about webcomics. And so I shall turn my subject to Penny Arcade. We all know Penny Arcade and its hard to think of anything new to say. Sometimes the comics require that you have a fairly in depth knowledge of gaming news. The blog posts are very wordy.

But what this recent post and comic made clear for me is that Penny Arcade are really my gateway into the world of gaming that I haven't actually been a part of for a long time. My computer is old and crappy and I don't have money for PS2 games very often. But by reading Penny Arcade, I know what I'll like if I get the chance to grab it.

So. Not very much on comedy or webcomicy-ness but an aknowledgment of the role Penny Arcade plays for me.

Also, they're making a computer game now?! WTF? Awesome.


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