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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Damnation, that's blood all over my cravat.

I love Medium Large, it's got that great pop reference thing going that Family Guy does too. As I said last time.

But its a mixed blessing.

See, what Medium Large does so well is becoming a little formulaic. We know that we meet down and out characters at the bar. We know that TV shows get pushed to the next step such as Generic Family Sitcom #342.

We know that Teenage Girl President just keeps going... (actually, maybe not?)

Today marks Victorian Era Super Hero's triumphant... um... dressing, and shows that he is likely to be just as regular a fixture as Teenage Girl President.

I thought Victorian Era Superhero was a magnificent addition during Brit Week, and I just hope that it gives Marciuliano some more room to play rather than just becoming a new formula... Although, if the "Mondays this summer" in the announcement strip comes true that could be okay too.


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